Hello World

This is my first post, what is a little bit surprising  to me, because I’m not very into that social media world. No twitter, no iSomething. But I do follow some interesting and lovely blogs and I think it is a good opportunity for me to get some structure in my life. First and foremost this blog will be about knitting. My projects and my designs. But it shall also be a documentary of my life in the year to follow. Because I decided to get deeper into the designing business and want to see were it is going.

I published my first design on Ravelry in September, 2012, but I really started full-time knitting and designing in January. So far 7 designs are published. I planned to publish the eighth “Icebreaker” this weekend, but I’m not sure, if I will manage that. It was snowing all day big snowflakes, so I couldn’t take any photographs. I’m hoping for tomorrow, but the weather-forecast does not raise my hopes. We’ll see…MYDC0301.JPG


Your thoughts and ideas ...

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