On my needles

MYDC0350.JPGHere you can get a glimpse of what is on my needles right now.  There are of course some more hibernating over the last weeks or months.

Two of them are my designs the third one is Hannah Fettig’s Wispy Cardi. This is my second attempt to this pMYDC0356.JPGattern, the first one already turned into another (yet secret) sweater. After all it was to small, because I thought I’d be smarter than the pattern, the sleeves to wide and the colour just didn’t feel right. This one comes in DROPS Baby Merino beige.  I’m doing size 34, but casted on for sleeves that are two sizes smaller. I hope to finish it before my summer holidays next week.


One of my designs is obviously a sock pattern in leftovers from my pomegranate. Simple lacy socks, perfect for chilly summer evenings.

The other one is going to be an open front hooded cardigan, I think. Inspired by those rainy and rather cool days that we faced in the last couple of days.


Your thoughts and ideas ...

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